Surprising Benefits of Word Games like Wordle for Brain Health

Being an adult entails thinking about your health far more frequently than when you were younger. And, as we get older, we frequently resort to memorization, trivia, and word challenge games to keep our wits “sharp” and to help against the ailments that come with ageing. The most recent word game, Wordle could be able to draw millions of gamers every single day. But how useful is Wordle for your brain?


Playing Wordle is simple, especially after you get the hang of it. Players can guess a five-letter word six times. Each letter in the submitted word will become colour coordinated as the player guesses: green for the correct letter in the correct location, yellow for the correct letter in the wrong place, and grey for a letter that is not in the word at all. Every day, a new Wordle is released for gamers all around the world to guess. Everyone shares the same word every day, so don’t ruin it for your family and friends by finishing it before the crack of dawn.

Josh Wardle, a Welsh software programmer, designed the brain game that caught the world by storm in October 2021. Wordle became extremely popular on social media throughout the winter months of 2021, even among several A-list celebrities. Following the game’s massive popularity, The New York Times purchased it, making it officially administered by an American firm and moving the daily terms away from their normal British origins.

Why are these games a benefit?

It is vital that you’re exposed to many different problems you have that you have to work through. The games and puzzles, specifically ones with a twist, are able to stimulate and test brain functions like reasoning in languages, logic, visual awareness, concentration, and the ability to solve problems.

They may also aid in stop or slow the decline of cognitive. The more you utilize your brain more effective it’ll become – “use it or go away.” The theory is that utilizing your brain in some way makes new neural connections inside the brain. This increases your brain reserve in effect.

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Anyone Suffering from Cognitive Difficulties Could Benefit

Playing games like Wordle can help almost everyone with a cognitive problem, including individuals suffering from head trauma, stroke, sleep apnea, “chemo brain,” and attention deficit disorders.

A few people consider word games and puzzles as a great method of de-stressing, but some may find them to overly stressful and cause additional anxiety. So everything depends on each individual.

Other Cognitive Benefits of Puzzles and Games Such as Wordle

If you participate in a skill game, and you are able to solve it the problem, you experience a feeling satisfaction and accomplishment. It is priceless and makes you feel happy and enjoyable. In the smallest way, aid people in the quest for pleasure.

The Experts Thoughts

Long regarded as some of the best activities a child can engage in while maturing and learning, word games and puzzles. Engaging in activities that stimulate your brain often referred to “brain gymnastics” creates brain regions to be more active that improves your overall wellbeing as you grow older.

Other Brain Health Improving Activities

Physical activity and socialisation, in addition to puzzles (crossword puzzles, sudoku, logic problems, and others), games, and other problem-solving activities, are two terrific ways to excite your brain and maintain those essential brain areas functioning effectively. The ability to dance, sing, play musical instruments and taking part in sporting activities are all great options.

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