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If you love word puzzles, Codeword is a fun way to pass the time. This challenge is a crossword puzzles and word search hybrid.

A codeword puzzle is a completed crossword grid in which each letter of the alphabet has been replaced with a number ranging from 1 to 26. Every character of the alphabet has to be represented at the very least one instance. As starts, certain letters are provided. To reveal the words in the full puzzle, the solver must decrypt the remaining code.

Codeword Puzzles Game

If you appreciate word puzzles, the Arkadium Codeword casual game will provide a fun break in your day. This challenge is a crossword puzzle/word search hybrid. Many players find this game to be a soothing diversion from the hassles of illegible wordplay crossword solver. It is not necessary to guess words in this game. It is an unsolved crossword puzzle that has no clues. As you fill in additional letters, you figure out the words. You will return every day for a fresh puzzle after you start playing.

Arkadium: Casual Fun Makers

Since 2001, Arkadium has provided casual games aimed for older folks. You may be familiar with their work if you have ever played online patience or the ever-popular Minesweeper. The games are accessible on a wide range of web and mobile platform. Codeword maintains the tradition by providing interesting puzzles that challenge the player without increasing their stress levels. When you’re attempting to reset your brain for a new task, a daily Codeword puzzle is just what you need.


  • There is no limit to the number of codewords!! They are generated in real time by the application’s powerful generating engine and built-in word list.
  • The amount of columns and rows (from three to twenty) is decided through the game’s player. This lets the game be compatible with an extensive range of mobile phones and tablets.
  • The user can specify the difficulty level, which determines the pool of words used by the generator. The larger this pool is the bigger the difficulty.
  • When a player touches a box, it highlights all boxes with the same number.
  • If a word in the grid with all squares assigned to letters is NOT a permitted word in the word list used to generate codewords, Codeword Unlimited will highlight it. This is useful if you make mistakes in your current assignments (it will save you a lot of time and grief!).
  • The game will notify the player if a finished word is incorrect (does not appear in its word list).
  • Having an on-screen keyboard makes playing more easier and more comfortable.
  • A finished word’s definition can be viewed. If you don’t know it or are studying a foreign language, this is helpful (internet connection necessary).
  • From a vast selection of downloaded dictionaries, select the language of the word list. There are now 24 languages available.
  • You can play in landscape or portrait mode. Simply rotate your device, and the display will adjust automatically.

Note: Other similar apps demand you to pay for more Codewords, but this game gives you a limitless supply of riddles for free!!

Every game has an intensity level that varies from the level 0 (easy) through 9. (very challenging). The settings control the difficulty level. Each difficulty level keeps the highest scores (as defined by the quickest time to complete the game). For each difficulty level, the game displays the top 20 scores.

If the player has trouble, the application offers two very helpful assists. (1) The game may provide an additional decoded letter. (2) The game can suggest possible replies for an unfinished word. The game uses the previously decoded letters to display the matching words.

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How to Play Codeword Puzzles

The gameplay for this word puzzle is quite simple. If you are the first to begin playing when you first start the game, you will see an identical grid to crossword puzzles. You will, however, quickly notice certain changes. Every square contains a number. There is no alphabetical clue list to be found on the right-hand left there’s an alphabetical table.

Every letter of the alphabet is represented in codeword puzzles. A couple of letters are already in place to get you started right away. In the key, you’ll observe that these letters are shaded squares. You’ll also notice that certain letters have numbers assigned to them in the key.

When you assign a letter to one of the game board’s squares, the game will assign the same letter to squares with similar numbers. As you add letters, it will get easier to figure out the words and find the solution.

Gameplay Controls:

Arkadium recognises that different casual gamers have distinct playing styles. Use your mouse to click a square on the game board. Then, in the key, click a letter to assign it to that square.

When playing with just the keyboard, you move around the game board by using the arrow keys. Then, using the keyboard, you may assign a letter to each square. You may also use the mouse to choose squares and the keyboard to assign letters.

Rules of codeword puzzles:

There aren’t many rules for decoding a codeword; all you need to do is go through each vacant space, look for patterns throughout the grid, and determine which letters go where. In order to minimise confusion, puzzle creators frequently steer clear of proper nouns as well as expressions or foreign terms that aren’t entirely assimilated into the English language.

Methods for cracking codes:

Puzzle solvers should watch out for occurrences of double letters and common word ends (such as “ing” or “ed”). The likelihood of the most frequently used alphabetic letters appearing in a term can also be helpful.

If you believe you have correctly recognised a letter, double check to see how its addition can affect the other words in the grid as this can help to reveal a calculating error.

Additional Tools for Playing

The basic controls are all you’ll need if you’re a word game purist. However, since this is casual gaming, the creators do not want you to give up in anger. The four icon icons appear on the top on the display. Each of these serves a certain function.

  • Check selected cell: By indicating whether or not a cell has the correct letter, the checkbox icon provides a tip. If it’s accurate, a green checkmark will appear in the square. If not, a red slash will be seen.
  • Print puzzle: By selecting the printer icon, you can print the current day’s Codeword and complete it on paper with a pencil.
  • Display selected cell: Pressing this icon will give you the letter that goes in the relevant square when you are just about to go on.
  • Open tutorial:  The question mark symbol launches the game’s tutorial to refresh your memory of the rules.

Game winning Goals

Every day, Arkadium releases a new puzzle. The number of suggestions you use and the time it takes you to finish the puzzle determine your score. The penalty for revealing a square is less than the penalty for verifying it. Putting the incorrect letter in a square lowers your score as well. If you answer the puzzle in less than 300 seconds, you get a time bonus.

Your daily score is based on your best performance for the problem on that particular day. You also gain a cumulative daily bonus for playing the game every day in a row.

The monthly score is decided by your score when you first complete the puzzle. If you use hints on your first attempt, your monthly score will be lower than your best daily score.

Codeword Tips & Tricks

To get the greatest possible score, you must answer the puzzle rapidly while avoiding errors. The timer does not begin until you type a letter into the first square. Take your time and check over the word puzzle before you begin. There are frequently areas that must be vowels.

For example, if there are two consonants in a row, the spaces before and following them are very certainly vowels. Look for a significant number of squares with the same number as well. We’ll utilise typical letters like r, s, t, a, and e. With a little forethought, you’ll quickly achieve good scores on Codeword puzzles.

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