How to Master Scramble Words: Tips and Strategies

When playing Scramble terms, your objective is to come up with terms that will, within the specified time limit, fill in the blank tiles at the top of the play area.

If you enjoy Arkadium’s Outspell, you’ll love Scramble Words, the upgraded version. This quick and enjoyable word discovery game features a gorgeous purple background and uses blank tile spelling to advance from one level to the next. When you need a break or to expand your vocabulary, play Scramble Words online in your browser.

Word Scramble Game

When playing Scramble terms, your objective is to come up with terms that will, within the specified time limit, fill in the blank tiles at the top of the play area. You will go to the next level once you have discovered all of the intended words using the jumbled letters provided. Because you only have 4:40 to complete all four levels, you’ll need to work quickly to recognize all of the target words.

This unique word scramble problem was made by Arkadium, a company that also makes a variety of adult-targeted casual games. You’ve already experienced a small portion of what Arkadium has to offer if you use a Windows computer and play any of the pre-installed games.

How to Play Scramble Words

Unscramble the letters to fill in the tiles and complete the target words before time runs out. Filling up the bonus bar will earn you credit even if a legitimate word is not on the target word list.


Scramble Words is simple to play online since you may use either your mouse or your keyboard. To make words, click on the letters or type them in. To input your words, press enter. If you need to remove a letter from your word, click the Undo button to the right of the word or press the backspace key on your keyboard. Click the “X” button to the left of the play area to eliminate all of the letters. If you get stuck, press the shuffle button in the lower-left corner to unscramble words you may not have seen before. In the upper right corner, there is also a pause button for your convenience.

Steps for Playing Scramble Words Game

Step 1

To begin playing this word puzzle, click the begin button.

Step 2 

Take your initial letter and proceed to form words.

Step 3 

Once you’ve completed your chosen word, press enter.

Step 4 

Finish the level by locating all of the target words.

Step 5 

To win the game, complete all four stages within the time limit.

Target Words

There will be some blank tiles above the word-creation bar to indicate the various lengths of words you must make. These are the target words required to finish the level. Not every eligible word you generate will be targeted, so keep an eye on your word list as you play this word unscrambler to see how you’re doing.

Bonus Words

Bonus words are created when you produce terms that aren’t on the goal word list. If you complete a valid word, the word-creation meter will turn green, and the bonus bar will move up. “Bonus word” will show above the bar if you correctly complete a word that is not on the target list. The message “wrong word” will appear at the top of the bar if you enter an invalid term.

Invested Time

A box will appear at the end of each level displaying your stats for that round. You’ll see how much time you spent on each level, as well as how many target and bonus words you discovered. The countdown meter in the top right of the play area allows you to keep track of your time while playing.


Word length is important because longer words will earn you a higher score.

The Bonus Bar

Every time you compose a valid word, the bonus bar fills up. When the bar reaches the finish, a letter will be revealed in the target word list to help you find any remaining words.

Tips & Tricks for Scramble Words

When playing Scramble Words online, there are two strategies to improve your chances of finishing the target word list:

  • Use your keyboard if you can type well. The game will move significantly faster, allowing you to finish more words in the allocated time.
  • The more words you create, the higher your score will be. While you must still finish all of the goal words in order to progress, you should try to make as many bonus words as possible before the level concludes.
  • Always look for allowed letters in your target word list to see if you can figure out the words more quickly.
  • Although you’ll want to obtain as many bonus words as possible for a higher score and to expose letters, finish your target words fast since you must complete all of the levels within the time limit.
  • Because bonus letters will be revealed when the bonus bar fills up, it’s critical to continuously review your target word list to ensure that you’ve completed all of the words required to advance to the next level.
  • If you want to be the ultimate puzzle solver by achieving the maximum score possible, build words with more difficult letters, such as “Z,” “Q,” and “X,”, especially as bonus words.

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