How To Cheat On Words With Friends Without Actually Cheating

This article won’t display you the way to cheat in Words With friends, but it’ll give you a few remarkable advice on a way to win whether you’re competing in opposition to a WordMaster or different gamers you understand or against random people.

Let’s see how to cheat without actually cheating

Words to Plan and Play Strategically

Method is important! Even before you make your move, don’t forget what opportunities you might be handing your opponent.

Plan in advance of time to play lengthy words, and do not forget laying out all your tiles on your rack in a single turn to win a impressive 35 greater points.

Moreover, if you combine that with a few extra squares in strategic places, it’s no longer out of the query to attain within the masses on a unmarried play!

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Take a hold of the DL, TL, DW, and TW Squares

The perfect method to get the maximum out of your tiles is to use them on the bonus squares. Keep your high-tile-scoring letters, consisting of J, X, or Z, and integrate them with a triple letter or triple words score, or even better, try and achieve both triple letter and triple word ratings on the equal time for huge point totals.

Trying to set up horizontal or vertical words that align with greater than this kind of squares on the board also can help you rack up points.

Plan to expend these bonus squares on the gameboard so your opponent doesn’t, and preserve your words centered at the centre of the gameboard so your opponent doesn’t should stretch their letters over to any of these areas.

Triple words can make or damage a recreation, consequently keep away from putting words close to triple words or triple letter squares unless you could devour them earlier than your opponent.

Build a Strong Vocabulary

One of the maximum essential factors of growing at words With friends is having a diverse vocabulary. Studying books, gambling crossword puzzles, and discovering words-associated resources will help you expand your vocabulary. You’ll have greater options while playing in case you know greater words.

Use Word Generators and Finders

In accordance on exactly the way you define validity for this particular game, this might be one of the least prison methods to cheat at the game, however it’s additionally one of the maximum a hit.

You can input the letters you currently own into word-locating programmes to discover what words you could make, together with the points each word is really worth and different alternatives. This is how you do it:

  1. Determine which words With friends cheat website to apply. Scrabble words Finder is a great choice; there are many, however a number of them are dubious.
  2. Input the letters from your contemporary words With friends board. Use a question mark on any tiles which can be blank.
  3. A few websites have superior options like a prefix or suffix, which might be quite useful. You may enter S inside the suffix subject to simplest see words that lead to that letter if you know you may best play words that result in that letter.
  4. Relying on the website you’re the use of, click on discover words or a comparable button.
  5. Nicely achieved, you currently have a list of words you may use.

Prefixes and Suffixes

To growth your score, add letters to the words which might be already for your recreation board. Creating a word multiple or converting its hectic are multiple ways to accomplish this.

Take word in case you see the letters S, DIS, MIS, RE, UN, ED, ET, and so on. A easy S or even an ER delivered to the stop of high-scoring words which can be near a bonus square can also appreciably raise your rating while lowering the number of letters required on your opponent to build a words.

Essentially, the key to a brief however effective game is knowing your prefixes and suffixes, mainly in case you’re aiming to lengthen the words performed through your opponent.

Be mindful of your Q, Z, J, and Xs.

Be now not afraid of the Q. This tile has some excessive-scoring capacity, as do the X, Z, and J tiles, which can be a little less intimidating.

The association of these letters and the associated words would be pretty useful for your basic success. So if you receive a Q early on in the game, attempt to avoid playing Qi for 11 points instead goal to play Qi for 31 when you may afterward.

Additionally, a excessive tile rotation fee is fantastic for your tile rack. It increases your probabilities of acquiring J, Q, X, and Z at the same time as lowering your opponent’s chances of obtaining them in advance and the usage of them in opposition to you.

Utilise your Power-ups!

Although it seems intuitive, we occasionally have a tendency to forget that power ups exist. Word Clue, Hindsight, Word Radar, and Tile Swap+ are Words With Friends power-ups.

Overload of Consonants and Vowels

We’ve all been there, and even as the tile distribution is random, hitting a rack full of vowels or consonants may additionally throw absolutely everyone off!

The apparent thing to do is change your rack of vowels or consonants using the Tile swap+ electricity-up. However, before you switch, observe your recreation board for any possibilities to feature prefixes or suffixes to the present words.

Even as many of us desire we may want to memorise the whole dictionary, this isn’t always a realistic reality. As a result, a beneficial advice is to pay attention to some valid words which might be impartial of any vowels or consonants, including “MYRRH,” “XYLYL,” “PSST,” “EAU,” or “AE.”

How to Get Power-Ups in Words With Friends

There are several approaches to cheat on words With friends which might be included right into the software; for a few users, this makes these picks fair recreation due to the fact they may be to be had to absolutely everyone. Allow’s look at all your available alternatives.

If you don’t have any, none of these will function. Power-u.S.A.May be received with the aid of finishing every day or seasonal obligations, or by using swapping coins for power-up packs.

In-app purchases can also be made to earn cash, power-ups, and even put off classified ads for a short time. You could also faucet the greater icon in the decrease left and pick out save.

Now that you know how to get them, here’s what the various power-ups do:

Swap Plus

You could switch your tiles instead of taking a flip at any second, but switch Plus permits you to switch tiles with out spending a turn or losing any factors.

  1. Tap the purple tile with a plus sign that represents the Swap Plus symbol.
  2. In the swap area, drag the tiles that need to be switched.
  3. Validate the transaction.
  4. Now you can keep using your new letters.

Word Radar

The most beneficial approach in words With friends is words Radar, which, whilst used with the others, reveals you exactly wherein you may play words.

  1. Tap the word Radar icon, that’s inexperienced and features a radar-like design.
  2. The playable words regions may be highlighted in light inexperienced.
  3. Even in case you close the game or app, word Radar will maintain to characteristic till it is your flip.
  4. You can disable it by using clicking the word Radar symbol another time.


Hindsight can grow to be extra of a torturous manner to torture your self than an actual cheat.

When you have any Hindsight electricity-u.S.And there is a probable play at the board that might have scored you more factors after you play a word, you can use it’s far possible to appearance returned and spot which word could have obtained the greatest score.

Hindsight does not account for whether or not a stronger word would have allowed your opponent to score a Triple word Play or some other circumstance. It’s fun at times and unpleasant different times, however through the years it’s no longer a totally beneficial trick.

Truely seek for it once you play a word if you want to use it. It’s the blue icon with spectacles inside the top left nook.


Practise is the great way to increase your word-building abilities, simply as in any game. Contain some or all of these techniques into your gaming, and you may fast improve as a Words With Friends player.

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