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Contexto is a Wordle game in which players must guess a word within an endless number of guesses while receiving hints about the concealed word’s contextual resemblance. When you make a guess, artificial intelligence will analyse it against hundreds of texts and show you the similarity and contextual relevance between your suggestion and the final term.

Are you looking for a complete archive of previous Contexto answers? It’s a good thing we have one. This complete collection of Contexto answer is organised by month and arranged in reverse chronological order.

There is a keyword for you to discover every day, you are not restricted to guesses; find all possible ways and attempt any term you can think of to win.

Contexto Answer Today Live Updated

Contexto Answer for Today December 7th, 2023, Contexto 445 Answer is PENCIL!

Contexto Answer for December 6th, 2023, Contexto 444 AnswerEMERALD
Contexto Answer for December 5th, 2023, Contexto 443 AnswerCOURT
Contexto Answer for December 4th, 2023, Contexto 442 AnswerSILVER
Contexto Answer for December 3rd, 2023, Contexto 441 AnswerJEWEL
Contexto Answer for December 1st, 2023, Contexto 439 AnswerROYAL
Contexto Answer for November 30, 2023, Contexto 438 AnswerPIG
Contexto Answer for November 29, 2023, Contexto 437 AnswerGLITTER
Contexto Answer for November 28, 2023, Contexto 436 AnswerSHARPIE
Contexto Answer for November 27, 2023BOTTLE
Contexto Answer for November 26, 2023CAT

How To Play Contexto Game

You are only allowed six guesses in a lot of daily word games that use the Wordle structure. If you make a mistake during the first six guesses, you lose. That is not the situation here. You can guess as many times as you’d like with Contexto, and the amount of guesses you receive affects your daily score.

steps to play and win Contexto game

  • Visit
  • Now Guess a word choice of yours
  • Then Click the Enter
  • Now you will see its position based on your initial guess.
  • Take Advantage of Unlimited guesses
  • Number 1 is the secret word, keep Guessing that word
  • The word with the #1 number will be the Contexto Answer for that day once you’ve located it.

Although we maintain a complete archive of previous Wordle solutions for your reference, you are not (officially) permitted to revisit any of the games. You can with Contexto. For more practise, hit the menu icon (three vertical dots) in the corner, then select “Previous games.”

Methods for Getting Advanced in Contexto Answer

To establish which niche the keyword belongs to, try terms with diverse fields, such as people, animals, fruit, robots, cloud, or fashion.

Once you’ve determined the most relevant niche (the keyword with the lowest score), you’ll move on to keywords connected to that field. For example, the keyword People produces the greatest results; nonetheless, we will continue to categorise by occupation, body parts, actions, emotions, and so on.

In this manner, we will progressively arrive at a keyword orientation that pertains to a tiny field. Continue searching until you locate today’s keyword.

How Contexto Answer Can Improve Your English Vocabulary

Contexto will undoubtedly assist you in expanding your vocabulary in English in addition to fostering a strong link between words. There are numerous different approaches that can assist you in expanding your vocabulary; here are a few ideas.

  • Read a lot: Reading as much as you can is one of the finest ways to pick up new terms. Make a note of any new words you come across in your reading and look them up as you go.
  • Use a dictionary: A dictionary is an excellent resource for word learning. When reading, if you come across a word you’re not familiar with, look it up in the dictionary to find out what it means and how to use it.
  • Play word games: Games and puzzles involving words, like crosswords and Scrabble, can be entertaining and difficult methods to increase your vocabulary.
  • Make use of online tools or enroll into a program to enhance your vocabulary: You can discover new vocabulary through a myriad of online sources, which include questions and games to aid in expanding the vocabulary of your. Consider joining a class or workshop that is focused on enlarging the vocabulary of your.
  • Use new terms in conversation: Once you’ve learned a new word, test it out on others. This will assist you in remembering the word as well as improving your speaking and communication abilities.
  • Maintain a vocabulary journal: Consider keeping a journal in which you write down new terms you learn, their definitions, and how you intend to use them. Regularly reviewing your journal can help you remember the words you’ve learned.

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Contexto Tips And Tricks

Confused and in need of Contexto assistance? If you want to know how to win in Contexto, keep these crucial ideas in mind. You’ll quickly figure out the daily hidden word.

Choose your guesses with care. Winning in Wordle begins with playing the best-starting words. You should use Contexto to experiment with different categories and circumstances until you find at least one “green” word. Consider animals, ordinary items, and abstract terms.

Utilise a thesaurus. Even though Contexto answer looks for phrases that are connected to the context rather than just synonyms, a good thesaurus might steer you in the right direction. Keep in mind that the keys to success in Contexto are meaning and context.

Receive a tip. To access the menu and choose “get a tip,” hit the three vertical dots. As previously said, you can choose between easy, medium, and hard tips in the settings. When you locate the solution, the amount of tips you used will appear in the paragraph that says “share.”

The vast majority of Contexto responses include common terms like neighbourhood (Contexto #1), diamond (Contexto #27), and text (Contexto #61). With the possible exception of beautiful (Contexto #22), the secret word will almost certainly be a noun.

Try a different word. Because Contexto answer responses are unpredictable, using our random word generator to generate a few viable thoughts is a good idea. Keep in mind that the order of the letters and the length of the word are irrelevant, so anything could lead you in the right way.

Contexto Answer Game Features

Contexto’s simple gaming concepts and the captivating gameplay of Contexto answer have contributed to its the attention of many. Furthermore, Contexto offers a range of settings which players can alter under the Settings tab.

  • Language: Play the game in either Portuguese or English.
  • Theme: Change the mode to light or dark.
  • Tips: Pick from an array of choices, from simple to difficult.
  • Easy: The hint will be placed half a space away from your nearest word.
  • Medium: The position of the tip will be one below your nearest word.
  • Hard: The tip’s placement will be arbitrary.
  • Order by: Sort your hypotheses based on similarity or order.
  • Other: Select whether to conceal the next word’s countdown.


Contexto Answer is the best choice when you’re looking for an exciting and difficult word game to test the level of your vocabulary. This game will keep you engaged for hours because to its several game types, varying levels of difficulty, and the captivating Contexto Wordle Game.

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